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Coal Mine Workers Memories

From: Stephen Anstee
Location:Blaina, Gwent 3 generations on my Dads side of the family worked at Beynons Colliery in Blaina. My great Grandfather Thomas Anstee who I believed help to open it, my Grandfather Tom and his brothers Emlyn, Albert, John, my Dad Jeff and Emlyn's son David - all of them grew up in Westside, Blaina in the shadow of the pit. Dad started at Beynons after leaving school in 1967 and worked there until it closed at easter 1975. He recalls arriving for the afternoon shift to find the colliery in turmoil, it had turned out that a fire was burning underground and everyone was put to work filling sandbags to seal the face off, but the pit shut just a few days later. Dad was transferred to Rose Heyworth Colliery not long after and stayed there until 1986 when it shut in the wake of the miners strike. My Mams father John Robert Page (Bob) worked at Bowburn Colliery in Durham and worked in water up to his waist. He died in 1972 crippled by lung disease. Sadly, both my Grandfathers and Uncles died long before I was born, but I'm proud of every one of them and proud to have mining in my blood. God bless them all.

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