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Coal Mine Workers Memories

From: Ian Jones
Pit Name:Roseheyworth and Oakdale Collieries.
Location:Gwent S/Wales I started on the surface of Roseheyworth at 15 yrs old, after 12 months i went underground where i worked another 13 and a half yrs until it closed.
I then went to Oakdale where i worked in the Celynen North section, as both pits were linked. My last shift we were walking in for a day shift after hearing about an accident on the previous night shift and one of my mates said it always seems to be the biggest bloke who cops it.
I said cheers Llew, as i was the biggest well 3 hours later they were stretchering me out on what was to be my last shift underground.
A hook straightened on a chain we were using to salvage super chocks off the face using a 12 ton hydraulic ram, it hit me and before i knew what had happened i was on my back with my right foot in my left hand.
I had suffered a compound fracture of my tib and fib I threw my foot out as straight as i could as i wasn't letting anyone pull it about ( I remember those safety films from my training days only to well) and told my mate to hold my foot up to support it.
The Overman gave me a pain killing injection, i joked to him that if he didn't get it right i would make sure he would be sleeping alongside me on the stretcher.
Even with those bad memories i still love the pit and if i was fit enough i would go back tomorrow as you will not find better comradery anywhere.

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