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Heroes of Coal magazine is a fantastic souvenir, packed full of memories, for anyone touched by the mining industry.
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About Heroes of Coal

The coal mining industry dominated the nation for countless generations. It shaped and touched everyone's lives, moulded the landscape and made heroes of ordinary men and women. The deep pits may be mostly long gone, but coal still resonates with thousands of people. 

A sad reminder of the realities of one of the most dangerous jobs on earth came on September 15 when the Welsh nation was left in mourning following a tragedy which re-opened those scars when four miners lost their lives at Gleision Colliery.

The miners who went down the pits are all 'Heroes of Coal' and their stories, experiences and expressions of comradeship are what this website is all about.

'Heroes of Coal' celebrates the mining industry and its heritage, enabling you to leave memories, stories and pictures by using our simple interactive tabs.

Click on to the Memory Book to pay a special tribute to your father, or grandfather, or anyone who worked in the industry. It can be a simple expression of love, respect and affection, or it can be a full blown story highlighting family stories that have been told over and over down the years with a real sense of pride and passion. This is a completely free service, aimed at recording forever the personal stories of the miners who were our 'Heroes of Coal'.

View the mining pictures on our photo reel, and then send us your own family pictures, using the easy to follow downloading instructions. Again, these will stand as a fantastic people's record of the coal mining industry.

'Heroes of Coal' will focus on the culture of Welsh mining communities, the importance of the industry over the years and the devastating impact of the strikes and the mine closures.

We want you to help us tell this story and pay tribute to men like Phillip Hill, Charles Breslin, David Powell and Garry Jenkins who died carrying out a job ingrained in the culture and history of Wales.


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